The major theme of ISC 2022 will be on the impact of chromatography and separation science to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, environmental, food and health industry, as well as science and medicine.

The scientific programme is set to be wide ranging and diverse with topics including:

  • New technologies, instrumentations and separation media for GC, HPLC, SFC
    and electrodriven separations
  • Mass spectrometry hyphenation and applications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biopharmaceutical and biologics
  • Foods, natural products, health, security
  • Chemometrics, quality by design, data processing
  • All modes of chromatography and electrodriven separation techniques
  • Miniaturised and lab-on-chip systems
  • Clinical, biomedical and toxicological analysis and diagnosis
  • Process chromatography and process analytical technology
  • Multidimensional and hyphenated techniques
  • Sample handling and trace analysis
  • …omics
  • Complementary and emerging techniques
  • 3D printing of separation systems